Health Care Issue Analysis

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America's health care system is a topic that has divided much of American society. Even with the implementation of Obama's health care act and various other programs, many American citizens are still uninsured or not receiving the proper medical care that they need. This could be because they are homeless, poor, not eligible to receive insurance through their employer or parent, have lost their jobs, or for many other reasons. Many Americans believe that those who have fallen through the cracks of the current system simply should not receive health care. The question of whether health care should be for everyone or just for those who can afford it is one that does not involve health care itself, rather the morals and values of society. Nonetheless,…show more content…
As the amount of people affected by chronic diseases rises and many people are unable to work, employers will eventually suffer the consequences. Xue et al. (2015) found that people who suffered from cardiovascular disease, approximately one third of adults in the United States, cost their employers a significant amount of money from paid leave and short-term disability in the three years after a cardiovascular event (p. 8). Not only does it affect employers directly when an employee suffers a cardiovascular event, it affects them indirectly as more people develop the disease and are less productive, no longer able to be employed, or even have suffered premature death (Xue et al., 2017, p. 2). The implementation of a government-funded health care system not only enables people to become healthier, and therefore arguably more productive, it also relieves employers from the cost of providing health insurance. This could enable them to put money previously spent on health insurance towards other areas of their business. Without the fear of losing insurance, people may also be more inclined to start their own business, leading to an increase in the number of jobs available. A decrease in health-related expenses could enable an individual to spend their money on other products and services, possibly increasing profits for many…show more content…
Every human deserves access to health care regardless of income, and the improved health of American citizens would lead to a healthier society and economy. The cost of health care in the United States is substantially more expensive compared to other developed countries; even countries with government-funded health programs. Although this would require a large amount of effort and change, it is feasible, and countries such as Canada and France have successfully accomplished it. This matter does not fall on the shoulders of the government, rather the people of the United States, and it is up to us to make a change. People should not have to choose between debt, extreme sickness and even death for the mere fact that they cannot afford to receive
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