Persuasive Essay On The Cowboys

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Well we are over a week into free agency and the Cowboys have done next to nothing in many fans eyes. Most of cowboys nation is screaming their frustrations or better yet tweeting it. However many don't realize just what the Cowboys are doing. In my eyes they're following their blueprint to win not only now but for years to come. I understand the frustration of watching the Giants open the checkbook for many big names. The Giants may have signed the best free agent of this class in Olivier Vernon. This is the same man who gave Tyron Smith fits last year in Miami. Many fans are upset that the Cowboys didn't make a push for Vernon. Fans are also upset for losing out on potential additions Nolan Carroll, Adrian Clayborne, Leon Hall, Chris Long, Eric Weedle and Matt Forte. It's odd for players to turn down the best closer of all owners, Jerry Jones. In my eyes if the Cowboys want a player bad enough, that player will end up wearing a star on their helmet. The Cowboys must've not wanted any of those free agents bad enough and there's a very logical reason why. Learning from past mistakes. The Cowboys have had a…show more content…
Whether it's due to lack of money or discipline they've been bargain shopping. In recent years players such as Jeremy Mincey, Darren McFadden, George Selvie, Rolando McClain, Greg Hardy, Brice Butler, David Irving, Jack Crawford have come from bargain shopping through free agency and trades on low cost deals. The reason this has happened is because the Cowboys value their own very much. The front office trusts Will McClay to build through the draft. He's done a tremendous job. Saving money by not overindulging in free agency will allow the Cowboys to keep the offensive line core of Fredrick, Martin, Smith, Collins together for as long as they please. Sooner than later their contracts will be up and they will be looking to get paid. Due to the discipline of the Cowboys they will have enough money to do
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