Persuasive Essay On The Crucible

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Beginning with a group of teenage girls wanting to put the blame on others ending it escalating beyond control. They were accused to be witches so needed to shift the fingers from themselves to others. Therefore making it an endless cycle of pointing fingers that was not necessary but they had to bring someone down with them apparently. How could anyone prove their spirit was not torturing that person? Most people were actually innocent, I doubt they were truly delving into the devil 's work but the accused were no way able to prove innocence making most just admit to being witches, just to stop the persecution torture. Making it obvious they would not listen to the truth because they had already decided it beforehand. Therefore, the answers…show more content…
Proctor begins his pleas by stating he needs assistance to get the favorable view, especially if no one steps in to show mercy. And how the Magistrates already are delusioned by the devil yet they know they are innocent. Although they were imprisoned they were still being accused of being seen making no sense to him. Then brings in how the Carriers sons were tormented till saying the “truth” but how they blamed their mother making her serve nine weeks. Even so his own son did not want to “confess” and could have continued to be tortured if no one had stepped in, which I believe if someone with power had stepped in since the start they would have not gone on that mad killing of…show more content…
The Popish cruelties were a shocking eye opener to how people with power can hurt people just because they have a following. They would persecuted until they choose baptism or death, even if they converted the separation was still there. They would torture them by burning the accused, especially if believed to promote protestant faith. Many of the affected were muslims and jews because of their different religious views, that were killed unless converting. The hostility only grew higher especially in England until the law did not allow the torture of them as long as religious beliefs did not affect the throne. It was very bad to see people persecuted just for their religious beliefs even though today people are still
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