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Have you ever worked really hard at something and have been proud of yourself or your team? I know I have. At Foley Schools there is a problem. Our second year high kick dance team, The Falconettes, are not taken seriously by many students and even some coaches. Because of that, many dancers on the team start to get discouraged and can make our athletes feel embarrassed about their sports. That is something that should never happen. The current rules on the subject are that there has to be an equal number of girls and boy sports teams. Another rule states that all coaches should support other coaches and the same rule applies for teams. Foley Schools needs to monitor how coaches and student behave towards the Foley Falconette Dance Team (FFDT).…show more content…
It is very difficult to practice and or learn a dance without proper practice space. We need a floor with accurate lines while we’re practicing because then we will perform correctly. If we don’t, then we will not perform very well. Another reason is that it is quite hard to stretch and practice our best or “full out” as most dancers refer to it when we are on cold, hard, concrete floors like the hallways and cafeteria floors. Even though we can (and do) have practice in those spaces, so can other sports. But even though those sports could practice in those spaces it doesn't mean that they should. So even though we do have a pretty decently frequent gym schedule we shouldn't have to practice in the cafeteria or have other sports take our practice spaces. Lastly, when we are in the hallways or cafeteria for practice, since we are on those harsh surfaces we are more likely for injuries like pulled muscles and ankle or knee injuries. All in all, the dancers should not have practice on concrete floor spaces and should have a constant gym or fieldhouse…show more content…
The dance team should be given a constant gym r fieldhouse practice space schedule and should be treated and talked about just like any other sport. In my personal opinion, I don't think that any team should discriminate or put down any other team. We are all a team and work and learn together in one space so we need to support each other with whatever we do. We shouldn't feel ashamed of our teams and sports for any reason. Things at Foley Public Schools need to change and the time for that is

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