Persuasive Essay On The Death Penalty

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The death penalty has been a system of punishment since its establishment in 1608 when Captain George Kendall became the first recorded execution in the new colonies. As the deaths caused by the death penalty per year began to lower, the levels of controversy surrounding its use began to rise. Today the death penalty has become more of a burden than a boon to society. I believe that in its current form the death penalty is a costly, discriminatory, and cruel system that needs to be reformed. One reason the current death penalty needs to be reformed is it costly system.. Handing down the punishment of the death penalty is a loaded sentence. There are many steps and requirements that must be met in order to execute the accused criminal. These steps and requirements become a very costly endeavor, consuming not only taxpayers dollars, but also a vast number of resources. During death penalty cases, there are multiple trials and retirals that are conducted in order to ensure no errors of judgment. These many trials require a great deal of funds and resources. In a study done in 2008, the California Commission for the Fair Administration of Justice “estimated that it costs taxpayers about $114 million more per year to process trials in which the maximum sentence were to be life without parole” (Gray 259). These death penalty cases require a great deal of funds and resources to be conducted. The $114 million dollar price tag is a result of “extra investigators, attorneys, jury
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