Death Penalty Ethical Issue

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The Death Penalty: Injecting The Truth Sitting in a cold and dry cell an innocent civilian stares at the cinderblock wall in front of him, waiting, knowing soon his life will be over simply because his lawyer, the judge, the jury, all failed him and failed to see he was innocent. About 3,000 prisoners are currently waiting to be killed by lethal injection. While one might think Capital Punishment is justice once people peel back its layers, instead they might discover it’s anything but good and pure. Family members of both the victims and criminals often plea for the death penalty to be removed, however it is still legal. The death penalty is an ineffective method of punishment for criminals because it is not ethical, it does not stop crime, and innocents could be killed. Firstly and most obviously, the death penalty is wrong and unethical. Lethal injection is the type of punishment most used today, goes against the constitution, and is incredibly cruel. While it is perhaps less cruel than older forms of execution, such as the electric chair, it is still very unconstitutional. In an article about lethal injection, the author states,“The current use of lethal injections constitutes cruel and unusual punishment, which is prohibited by the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution” (Lethal Injection). The government bases many things off of the constitution, yet they fail to see how unconstitutional…show more content…
Think back now to that innocent man trapped in a cell ready to be executed. The execution could go two ways, it could be painless, or it could be excruciating. No matter what, that innocent man is going to die and that is the real crime in all of this. There are many problems in this world that likely have no easy solution to them or even a solution at all. However, banning Capital Punishment is a very easy solution to one of America’s greatest
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