Persuasive Essay On The Death Penalty

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America is killing innocent people. Over the course of 30 years, our own country has executed over 155 convicted murderers that were innocent. That is one hundred fifty-five lives that could have changed the world (DPIC). Regardless of these false convictions, the death penalty is still legal in more than 30 states, even though the act instigates controversy of botched executions. The flaws in the death penalty make the act even more horrible. Throughout the history of the death penalty, one can see it as a scream for justice, even though it is morally wrong as humans to play are playing God to one another.
A society that is against killing and respects life should not purposefully kill another human being. Societal expectations are that one must have the correct morals intact that fit the norms of society. Regardless of these expectations, the government still denies that, ”An execution is a violent public spectacle of official homicide, and one that endorses killing to solve social problems” (ACLU). The death penalty 's violence does not coincide with societal belief that killing is an immoral act. The death penalty is ironic in that sense, because it is euthanizing a human under the guise of rationality. The death penalty is a hypocrisy of society 's expectations of a good citizen, because they are promoting and endorsing this act to solve and diminish the crime in the world.
However, society continues to endorse this act of immorality by insisting that, “Governments
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