Persuasive Essay On The Deep Web

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I'm a very curious, captivated yet the cautious person when it comes to egregious things. Call me a fanatic. The Deep Web is one of them (also knows as the Dark Web) is a part of the World Wide Web which is usually inaccessible to the common man. What lurks behind this sector of the Internet is not very appealing or compelling to anyone, well not to normal people. Drugs, child abuse, hitmen, satanic content, cannibalism, human experiments, money laundering and fraud can all be found on the deep web. What really ‘skewers my kebabs’ is why federals don't take any action on any of this. The "Silk Road", a website on the deep web containing illegal drugs for rather cheap prices was taken down in late 2013 by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Even so that won't stop any of these repulsive human beings lurking around on the Deep Web. Operators of the deep web try very hard to keep their identities sealed so most people don't get caught and pay their crime. Per my curiosity I have reached the deep web and just…show more content…
Crackers are like hackers but the difference is hackers hack for fun and don't intend any harm, while crackers try to bring harm to someone or forcefully get what they want. The number of crackers is significantly increasing over the years, and it is costing companies billions worth of infrastructure. Who is really at loss here ? Companies like GTE AT&T or Bell Atlantic, they have lost lots of money. Crackers call what they do for a living ‘sharing information’. They are just leeches who take other people's property without consent, criminals lurking on the internet. I have been hacked a couple of times through online software, where I have downloaded software then viruses attack my system, usually a pop up box appears saying “You have been hacked” - they are the equivalent of 10 year olds. Crackers are just a bunch of kids who have nothing to do so they mess someone else information or steal
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