Adverse Effects Of Technology On Children

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How would you feel if all of your electronics stripped off you? Would you feel anxious, worried, frustrated? That heart stopping moment you get when you think you have lost your phone and it feels like a stone falling endlessly into the abyss of your stomach. We are all hooked on the drug of technology which gives us the knowledge of lies, filling our children’s precious young minds with false facts and telling them how to look and act. Are we all sucked into the portal of technology unable to return to reality because we are imprisoned by a screen? People are no longer living in the moment; they are too busy capturing the event on their smartphones. Technology is slowly replacing the brain, it can capture memories in the form of a photograph,…show more content…
Girls as young as nine are plastering their faces in make-up aiming to look like their celebrity idols, which they have seen posing on Instagram. Twelve year old boys are drinking protein shakes to appear larger like their twenty year old idols, who they have seen promoting a new protein powder on social media. This is all the trap of technology. Not only are we trying to change ourselves to fit the “ideal” person, our children are too. This needs to stop. Children should be outside playing with friends not cooped up in their rooms, with their eyes glued to a screen watching YouTube or aimlessly scrolling through Instagram – which I must admit I am guilty of. Sadly due to the fact we check our phones more than we check on our children, parents seem to not notice if their children are unhealthily bulking up on protein shakes or caked in make-up, or they choose not to care as they are too engrossed in…show more content…
According to the BBC the average adult spends eight hours and forty-one minutes on technology and that the average child spends six and a half hours per day staring at screens. The express says that a person’s hearing can be permanently damaged if headphone wearers have the volume too high or could cause tinnitus in according to Action on Hearing Loss. The College of Optometrists found that excessive screen time can lead to eye strain and temporary short sightedness. To my understanding children will be less likely to become hooked on the addictive drug of technology if they are encouraged to go outside, they will also be at less risk if screen time is profusely shortened. Sadly before that can happen the adults must also distance themselves from the screens, however this could prove challenging as the cries of their own children are unable to do that. I hope that when I have children they will be able to have the correct balance between screen time and time outside where they can be kids, explore and use their imaginations. I also hope that I will be able to maintain a personal life away from the screens that prove to be so damaging to our health. Will you be the parent who missed out on watching their child grow up due to “technoference”, who’s child

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