Importance Of The Four Way Test Essay

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How does a young boy know whether he is doing the right thing or making wise choices when no one is there to give him his answer? Beliefs and actions that support the truth, are fair to others, promote goodwill, and that are beneficial to those concerned are the questions considered within the Four-Way Test. I live on a farm in central Nebraska with my parents and two younger brothers. Though I must admit that I don’t directly ask myself these questions on a daily basis, I do feel that I have a solid personal understanding of the four-way test and how it should influence my life and the lives of other people. The best way to put the Four-Way Test to work is to start at home.

Truth is the first aspect of the Four-Way Test, and probably the most necessary for life. Living my days by telling the truth, according to God and the Bible has been very helpful to me. All kids in a lifetime cause mischief and make a bad choice or two as they learn. In a bad situation, the truth can always help a child ore than it can hurt. Growing up involves a lot of mistakes, and I have
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Living and working on a farm is hard work. In the summer, my Dad and Grandparents change water on hundreds of acres of gravity irrigate corn and beans every twelve hours. Now that I am getting older and stronger, I realize that it is my time to pitch in and help out just like my Dad did when he was my age. Even though the temperature may be hotter than blue blazes, and my friends may be at the pool in town, I need to think about how my work will be beneficial to our family and the world. When I help out, the work gets done faster and leaves time for things like going to the lake for a boat ride or going out for ice cream with my family. The benefits that go to our crops help them stay healthy and will pay off at harvest time, making more food for people and putting money in our
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