Persuasive Essay On The Freedom Of Speech

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" Freedom of speech, so valued by our founding fathers in their efforts to escape the tyranny of British monarchy, has been frequently challenged throughout the history of the United States. While this problem is complex and unending, it_Ñés never been as enormous an issue as it has become in the modern era, a time when everyone has the freedom to be heard, no matter the validity or merit of their ideas. Rampant political fracturing, accompanied and aided by the accessibility of so many differing voices online, have caused many to question the almost total liberty that has so far been granted towards speech. In this country_Ñés many years as a pinnacle of freedom in the modern world, little remains to remind us of the restrictions of liberty…show more content…
The freedom of speech, when granted to all U.S. citizens regardless of their circumstances, makes possible a _ÑÒfree marketplace of ideas_Ñù. Of all the ideas expounded on the internet and other media today, only those favorable to the majority will survive to grow and influence our country, while disagreeable speech will be weakened and silenced through our own choices, rather than by any arbitrary rules that prevent it ever being spoken. When multitudes of NFL players kneeled during the national anthem to protest American race relations throughout 2017, they had as much right to express their opinions on the field as President Trump and his supporters had to lambaste their actions on Twitter, or for others to praise them. The internet is merely another setting for public discourse and should be monitored by the government only as much as all other types of speech; that is to say, almost not at all, save for dangerous speech that is censored and punished anywhere else. The banning of unfavorable ideas and opinions online will weaken the nation, the methods with with this country are run will remain unchallenged and change will be slowed. Should the government grant one group more rights to speak than another, how can this country ever maintain a fair discourse on important issues, or grow and adapt? Speech that offends must be defended; America can not fall back on the values we once cherished and mimic the tyranny we freed ourselves from. Government
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