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Holocaust Survivors The Holocaust was a time where not only were the Jews taken out of their homes, but they were beaten and their families were taken away from them. When the Jews were taken away from their homes they did not know what would happen to them, or where they were going. The Jews finally came to the realization that they might not make it out of there alive after they headed to the first camps. People are always trying to act like they do not know what is going on when something in the world is not right. When the Holocaust was going on, the Germans knew what was happening to the Jews and the U.S. did too.

This one young man had the opportunity to experience the love of a group of Jewish women that helped him survive. He was
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One of the survivors was Helga Edelstein Stummer was born in Berlin, Germany. Right before WWII she escaped to freedom when her her parents figured out what was happening (Giddens). While in the many years her family lived in Germany her dad fought in WWI, so he did a lot to be a citizen there. When she was little her mother died of cancer, and on top of that her father lost his job just because he was a Jew (Giddens 12). Another Holocaust survivor is Sam Cukier, and he was born in Warsaw, Poland (Giddens 18). He had three sisters until one of them became ill and died of the illness. He was sent away from the holocaust while some of his family and friends died during it. Leopold Mendlovic survived the Holocaust when he was 19 years old (Giddens 13). When he was younger his mom would feed poor strangers the same amount of food as they got, and she split it all equally (Giddens). There were 9.5 million Jews that lived in Europe at the time before the Holocaust (Burk). The places that had the most Jews in their population were Poland, Romania, Latvia, and Estonia (Burk). The Nazis seized power in 1933, and the majority of European Jews two out of every three would be dead after the Holocaust
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