Persuasive Essay On The Juvenile Justice System

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Children who are not allowed to drive a car with another adolescent, nor to drink alcoholic beverages, because their brain is stated to not be developed enough, should not be judged as adults when in court.
Jacob Ind murdered his mother and his stepfather at the age of 15. At this age an adolescent is not allowed to have a restricted license in 43 of the United States of America. A 15 year old is not allowed to have a full license in any of the 50 states. As for drinking; a fifteen year old is not allowed to drink in any of the states.
This means that an adolescent who is not considered an adult in any other perspective is treated as a person with a fully developed brain (a brain is developed at the minimum age of 18 years old, though experts suggest a brain is only developed around the age of 25) when it comes to legal issues.
A teenage brain is still developing on (amongst
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As the current president of the United States, Barack Obama, stated: “All our Nation 's children deserve the chance to fulfill their greatest potential, and nothing should limit the scope of their futures. But all too often, our juvenile and criminal justice systems weigh our young people down so heavily that they cannot reach their piece of the American dream.” In the National Youth Justice Awareness Month in 2015 he took the side of the Youngsters and explained how the current juvenile justice system can affect the future of the (more than) one million juveniles arrested each year. It can keep them from breaking social banners, education and it will eventually result in them not being able to find a job. He also spoke of the lifestyles most underage criminals come from; either the foster care system or environments where violence and/or drug abuse was very common. An environment with little or no opportunities. A large amount of the sentenced juveniles experienced or are experiencing mental problems, which there was no help for in their
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