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With four Academy Award wins to its name, and roughly one hundred other triumphs, The King’s Speech (2010) by T. Hooper did not go unnoticed by both critics, and the public (The King's Speech: Awards, sd). The film was bound to gain prize and acclaim with its star-studded cast, crowd-pleasing genre, and the heartwarming tale of a king with a stammer who had to learn how to overcome his speech impediment in an era where public speaking had become more important than ever before. The film made an impact; it amused, it touched, and most importantly: It inspired. Due to the way in which the film portrays the main character and the obstacles he faces, The King’s Speech can be considered part of a civil rights movement that sought to legitimise the struggles of people…show more content…
The film itself brought the issue to people who would not have been likely to speak of it, had they not seen the movie (Howell, Listen to the lessons of The King's Speech, 2011). Therefore, the success was arguably the strongest benefactor in this situation, as reviewers couldn’t simply ignore the main focus of the film. This main focus caused the film to not just be a source of entertainment to the public, but also a strong message for people who face the same problems as King George VI once did. Furthermore, it gave people with a stammer a platform and made discussions regarding speech impediments more open and honest. Not only does public awareness grant a voice to the voiceless, and does it make the subject open for discussion, but it also helps people understand the difficulties that come with speech impediments (Fraser, The Stuttering Foundation: A Salute to The King's Speech, 2011). Thus, it can be concluded that these effects that have followed the growing awareness have had many positive

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