Should Prostitution Be Legalized

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The 21st century has seen many changes in the worldviews of various issues. Different individuals campaign for the rights of people indulging in practices that the global society has seen as touchy subjects for the last twenty centuries. One of those rights would be the legalization of prostitution. Prostitution is the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment. The legalization of prostitution raises a lot of controversy in the world today. Prostitution is considered the world’s oldest profession, but only a few countries or states have legalized the practice to date. Prostitution should be legalized because it generates a tax revenue, is a victimless crime, reduces crime against women, and would help reduce…show more content…
It is the second largest industry and makes around 186 billion per year. Since prostitution businesses are illegal, the government doesn’t collect taxes from them. However, with the legalization of prostitution US tax authorities can generate around $20 billion per year. In Germany, where prostitution is legalized the prostitution industry is worth 16 billion euros and the tax revenues is a major contribution to city budget. This money could be used to start programs, build parks, schools, and so much more. When prostitution is legalized it makes us wealthier, while when it's decriminalized we lose money. Law enforcement agencies spend $2,000 for each sex worker arrest. Per year, there are on average 60,000 arrest related to prostitution. In result, it cost government $120 million per year on prostitution control. ( Stolba, Christine) This truly is a waste of taxpayers money because these sex workers stay in jail for a couple days and pay the fines, then go back to working the…show more content…
They risk their life every single day, literally. Sex workers are at a huge risk for STDS. There is a significant amount of evidence that proves that legalizing it would have huge public health benefits. Decriminalizing prostitution would guarantee regulation by state in brothels. Sex worker by law would have to monthly STD screening test. In Nevada, a state that legalized prostitution passed a law in which brothels are not able to employ anyone without a mandatory screening that proves that they don’t carry any STDS. Even in Rhode Island, gonorrhea infection among women dropped by 39%. ( Ahmed, Aziza

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