How Did The Little Rock Nine Impact The Civil Rights Movement

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One major goal of American Civil Rights Movement was to give all students, regardless of race, an equal education and to stop segregation of schools. In the United States, civil rights are supposed to be for all people. Throughout history, people have had to fight for the segregation of schools to stop. Today, all people enjoy the benefits of the Little Rock Nine and how they stopped segregation in schools.

Before the Little Rock Nine event everything was segregated by race. Bathrooms, restaurants, stores, hotels, schools, jobs, and even water fountains were all segregated by race. If an African American entered a white store or restaurant they would be kicked out and even beat up. Seating on busses were segregated by race, whites sat in the front and blacks had to sit in the back, if a white needed a seat one black passenger had to give up their seat.
One civil rights activist took action and has stopped most segregation but the segregation between schools did not stop. African Americans schools were different from white schools, since whites and blacks were segregated, blacks had to make their own schools. In the south it was very hard for blacks to receive an good education, even while they were at a
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After the Little Rock Nine event segregation between schools had stopped. After the Little Rock Nine event Little Rock high school closed in 1958 instead of letting black students attend the school but then opened in 1959 to students of all race, district schools did the same. After the schools reopened 123 out of 7000 students were African Americans. Now in 2017 schools have 14% white students, 14% hispanic students and 68% black students. Before in the 1900s it was 27% white students and 1.7% black students. The amount of black students going to schools with white students has increased tremendously since the 1900s all because of the little rock
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