Persuasive Essay On The Lottery

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Imagine you are a parent taking your child 's first day of school. Your child is so excited to learn and to meet new friends. But in reality that 's not the case at all, the school looks nice, in actuality it can 't afford books, great food, clean water or even enough desks. It 's a depressing reality, but many schools cannot afford luxuries like this. Many people blame the state for not funding enough, but what about the lottery? Many states have chosen the lottery to fund their schools, but again the depressing reality is that many of the schools that are currently being funded by the lottery are still in the same condition as they were before, and maybe even worse.
There are many reasons for this epidemic, for example the lottery makes seventy billion dollars every year, and while yes, that sounds like a sufficient amount , is it actually? Consider all of the prizes, profit, pay to their employees, advertisement, production of the tickets, shipping to stores, the online gambling sites that take over five percent of lottery players (Netzely), And the thirtyfive percent of adolescents that they sell tickets to illegally!(Steinberg). Then after all of that the funding money for schools, let 's say that the lottery is funding 20,000 schools on a fifty billion dollar budget, that 's 2.5 MILLION dollars a school which is not an adequate amount. That 's if there is fifty billion dollars in funding, which even isn 't close to the amount that they would have! What further
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