Persuasive Essay On The Love Of The World

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Picture this in your mind. You’re laying on the beach with the love of your life. As you lay, you feel the wind blowing against your skin, and it feels cool and blue. You look into the clear ocean and you can see to the bottom. You see a variety of colored fishes and dark green seaweed. You look into your love’s eyes and see the beautiful vibrant color that they are. You both look up and see the sunset paint beautiful red and oranges across the sky. The colors complete this scene. Now imagine the same scene over again, but it’s all beige. Everything: beige sand, beige sea, beige fish, beige sunset, beige eyes. It wouldn’t be nearly as beautiful, and that would be your world without color. This is how the government wants the world to be, and this is why we need to take action and make a change.
I was born seeing color, and it was taken away from me. At the age of 5, I remember seeing the vibrant colors of the world. Because it was a regular part of my life, I took it for granted because it was a regular part of life. When it was one day taken away from me, it was
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I’m sure if you asked someone “would you give up your ability to see shapes to prevent you from ever getting injured again” most people would say “of course not. Without shapes, the world would be perceived as one mass, with twisted lines, and it is so much more. I want to be able to live the world we have.” The giving up of freedom for security in this situation is too great for most, and many people would refuse. Imagine if you gave someone a day with the ability to see color. They would walk around and greatly rediscover the world. At the end of this glorious day, they hear “would you go back to the old way of seeing no color, to prevent most wars?”. Logically, most people would enjoy this freedom so much, they would want to keep it. Why let people live in sustainable ignorance, and not give them the freedom of

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