What Happened To The Mexican-American War?

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How far will you go to stand up for what is right? The Mexican-American War began in 1846 but beforehand there were many conflicts and inexcusable actions of Mexico that lead to the explosion of the ticking time bomb filled with rightful vengeance known as the United States of America. Although the war concluded around 170 years ago, there is still constant debate whether this brutal war was rightful or completely inexcusable on behalf of both nations. The inevitable conquest of Mexico may be seen in many different ways but, due to the mindless acts of Mexico herself, and whom she is ran by (her government), the lack of assisting American settlers, their unwillingness to negotiate to settle in a peaceful manner, and her hostile acts towards the United States, the war was logical because the United States was just doing what she had to do in order to protect her people. To begin with, the Mexican government did not even attempt to support/assist the Americans in their transition into Mexican land. The government failed to establish any public system of education and denied the United States settlers the right of worshipping the religion they wanted…show more content…
When Texas was annexed from Mexico in 1845, President Polk sent ambassadors to buy California and New Mexico, but Mexico’s new president ignored all meetings and rejected all treaty offers. Consequently, this increased tensions between the two nations because the leader of Mexico refused all our attempts to make peace between our countries. Not only did Mexico deny any treaty making, but she also would not accept the fact that Texas was now a part of the United States and therefore could not agree on a fair and logical border. Mexico’s actions throughout the United States’s quest to seek peaceful treaties between our two nations, proves the war was
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