Our Greatest Glory But In Rising Every Time We Fall Essay

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"Our greatest glory consist in not ever failing, but in rising every time we fall." (Oliver Godsmith) The children of todays society will never know the true meaning of this quote or what its like to fall and get right back up to try again. Many say if you don't award your children for participating, they'll choose not to participate and won't get anything done. As a parent it's hard to see your child fail concidering you want nothing less than the best and to see them happy, but they should not be entitled to a trophy just for showing up and going through the motions.

The millennials have been called everything from coddled to just downright spoild. Their overal attitude is horrible, always thinking they know whats best and whatever they do will be accepted and rewarded. This, however, is through no fault of the child but of the parents and caregivers that raised them.
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Once you are an adult and you're out on your own and you make a mistake and you fail, you'll think that its all going to be okay, someone will come and fix it, once you realize no one is there to fix it and no one is going to be there to tell you it's okay, you're going to feel like a failure, something that you've never felt before because for your entire life, everything has been handed to you.

Handing out trophies like its going out of style is a big mistake. Children are our future, raising them on participation trophies will improve nothing, do nothing but destroy children and their future. As soon as they fail and realize that it's not okay, they will no longer be confident in themselves or in anything that they do. Part of success is confidence in failure, knowing that you will succeed if you just try again , even if you fail more than you'd like to admit. You will never get anywhere if you never
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