Persuasive Essay On The Outsiders

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How would you feel if they tried to take your family away from you or you away from your family? Well they’re trying to put Ponyboy in the system and take him from his family. When his big brother Darry has given up his hole life to take care of his brother. In the book “the outsiders” by S.E. Hinton some of the people wanted Ponyboy to be taken from his family and put into the system. In this essay I will be proving why Ponyboy should stay with his family. For my first reason to prove that Darry is a good guardian for Ponyboy. Nobody cares more about Ponyboy than Darry. For example, “Ponyboy, where have you been all this time.” This shows that Darry is always trying to look out for Ponyboy. This also shows that Darry has Ponyboys…show more content…
Darry has always tried to keep Ponyboy out of trouble and focus on school. For example, “Ponyboy curtis, put out that cigarette!” This shows that Darry cares for his health and well being. This also shows that Darry tries to keep him out of trouble and away from drugs like cigarettes. Unlike if he is in the system they may not care what he does and he could end up with some serious sickness and then who would care for him? Furthermore, In the book it states “Please be careful because couldn’t stand it if anything happened to you!” This shows that Darry only wants the best for Ponyboy. This also shows he do anything for him. This is just another one of the reasons that prove that Darry is a good guardian for Ponyboy. Some might say that Darry is a bad guardian. For example, “I had a long walk home without any company, but I usually lone it.” This shows that Ponyboy is learning how to be independent. Some people might even say that it is bad parenting for Ponyboy getting in a fight with the soc, but the other kid were fighting. Yet they don’t try and taking them from their family when they fought just like Ponyboy. So why would you try and take Ponyboy from his
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