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The U.S. penny once a useful item now a burden on the pockets of the American people. The useless penny was created in 1909, at that time a penny could be used for some things now it takes a dime to buy what the penny could in 1950. The penny is unnecessary and needs to be abolished from the U.S. currency. The time it takes for a person to find that one penny is a waste of time and money, for most people that get paid by the hour they would of lost money waiting to find a penny. It would save the U.S. Mint (the place where money is made)money, as the penny is often forgot and people don't keep track of their loose change, two-thirds of pennies get dropped out of circulation. Others say, saving up pennies for a considerable amount of time can lead to a decent payout in the long run. The effort to carry this large amount of pennies…show more content…
Source 3 states, “Two-thirds of them immediately drop out of circulation, into piggy banks or—as The Times’s John Tierney noted five years ago—behind chair cushions or at the back of sock drawers next to your old tin-foil ball.” In a nutshell, pennies are useless, waste of space, and get lost as soon as they get put into circulation. Moreover, the money wasted making pennies can be used for more beneficial things and the people who work on the pennies could be used for more important things. As pointed out by Source 3, “10 million shiny new useless items punched out every day by government workers who could be more usefully employed tracking counterfeiters—go toward driving retailers crazy. They cost more in employee-hours—to wait for buyers to fish them out, then to count, pack up and take them to the bank—than it would cost to toss them out.” To clarify, in effort to make and distribute pennies it is wasting what could be the jobs the U.S. people need such as counterfeit

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