Persuasive Speech On Why Life Is Wrong

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Many of us fantasize about a fantastic life, expecting it to be exactly the way we want it. Is it not the purpose of life, we assume, to have a great time and to soar to the heavens while on earth? After all, this is what many religious and motivational gurus have told us, and their recipe for the best life is a combination of prayer, gratitude and visualization. They claim if we do these three things, all of our desires will manifest—sooner rather than later.

But these well-intended wise men and women really need to wake up and smell reality! Sure, their suggestions may help to an extent; however, these strategies rarely create fully what they promise and boldly guarantee. Action, karma, fate, opportunities, obstacles, friends, enemies and
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Can we imagine the impact of this outrageous action? And there are many more stories about devastation at both global and individual levels. Some people are starving, lonely, ill, abused, or homeless. So, when you and I focus on our personal circumstances and figure that life is really awful, we must remember that somewhere out there is someone who has it so much worse than we do, and we should therefore count our blessings and stay in peace. I am not discounting your problems and worries; they are very much real (most times), and the fact is a cut on one’s finger is more important to that person than a plague. But maybe we could gradually take the focus off ourselves, develop a vision that transcends our personal desires (and hurts) and in the process focus on how we can help someone in a worse off position. This may sound impossible to do, but self-healing follows ‘others-serving.’ We may not have the power to change circumstances, but we sure do have the power to control our attention and thereby enjoy the gorgeous roses that lie around the horrible thorns. Shifting to a smarter perspective can really save our minds…maybe even our…show more content…
A quote I read recently says: “We tend to place a premium value on the things we do not have and very little value on the things we do have.” Can you for a moment imagine the state of your life if you were blind, deaf, or immobile? What if you were all alone, with no family by your side? What if you lived under a dictatorship? Friend, we are the most blessed and favored children of the universe. Let us not take our blessings for granted. Life is tough—really tough and sometimes unfair—but we are tougher. It is indeed amazing that the moment we shift focus to the good things in life how the impact of misfortune decreases
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