Argumentative Essay On Presidential Elections

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The recent presidential election was one of the biggest in history. We had Hilary Clinton running for the democratic party, and Donald Trump for Republican. There was much tension between both the candidates and the voters. Even though it ended not the best, it is something we have to live with. During the campaign, there was a debate between the republican party for all possible runners. After watching a portion of it, I noticed many things wrong with it. One thing was the candidates, the audience and newscaster, and what people had to say on the overall debate. First, the if you look closely, the candidates were mostly white and male. There was only one male of color and one female. They all seemed to be in their late 30’s and mid 40’s.…show more content…
Aaron Miller a CU boulder student said “The college framed [this debate] as a real chance for the students to have this meaningful political experience, In the months since then, the university and chancellor have really failed to deliver on this promise.” The students were told how it was going to be a meaningful experience, but it really was not. Amy of ProgressNow states that “If the GOP refuses to allow students to even attend a presidential debate on their own campus, what does that say about the candidates?” Some students were not even allowed to attend the event on their own campus. How is this fair for everyone and it probably was the students with a different view point. Not even the students benefited from this event that happened right on their campus. This says a lot about how debate and what kind it actually was. To wrap up, the debate that took place at CU Boulder was not fair debate. Some candidates where favorited more than others and got the upper hand. The newscaster did a poorly job and were biased all the way through. More needed to be addressed in the debate that did not. For future presidential debates, there needs to be a mix of all opinions and not just one everybody is
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