Persuasive Essay On The Right To Bear Arms

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The right to bear arms has been in the constitution as the second amendment since December 5th, 1791. This amendment should be repealed because in modern times all of us do not need guns.”The rate of death from firearms in the United States is eight times higher than that in its economic counterparts in other parts of the world.” According to Kellermann AL and Waeckerle JF(1998) Nations of our size and power have found solutions to gun violence by making guns illegal and hard to obtain. When you makes guns illegal and no guns can be found anywhere the violence has been proven to go down. "Ever since guns entered the country, Japan has always had strict gun laws," says Iain Overton, executive director of Action on Armed Violence and the author of Gun Baby Gun.…show more content…
Japan has as much power in the world as the United States but has made laws so that only the police and armies can have guns. This has made the Japanese feel safe even to not consider having a weapon in their homes. "The response to violence is never violence, it 's always to de-escalate it. Only six shots were fired by Japanese police nationwide [in 2015]," says journalist Anthony Berteaux. "What most Japanese police will do is get huge futons and essentially roll up a person who is being violent or drunk into a little burrito and carry them back to the station to calm them down." This strategy the Japanese use encourage more trusting relationships with police which leads to people not being so fearful that they need guns in their homes. Guns are not the only way to solve violence and in modern times guns are not needed like they were in the eighteenth
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