Persuasive Essay On The Right To Die

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Human beings have the right to live, and the right to die. If there was no right to die, living would be considered a duty. One’s sickness may desire them to not continue with life if their condition causes extreme pain, discomfort, lack of independence, and make living unbearable. Doctor assisted suicide is a popular controversy because sometimes it is not done with ethicality and lethal dose of pain medication is administered or certain treatments are withheld. However when carried out with ethicality, a pill or injection is administered in the proper amount to cause death. Giving people the right to die and approaching it in an ethical way provides an opportunity for a better quality of life overall, over suffering.
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What makes the right to die different from physician administered suicide. This contributes to the issue of humane death distinguished from humane killing. Patients could be essentially be “euthanized” on the regular. These deaths now take place in hospitals which makes it highly cost ineffective, some fear that if they are dying care will decrease in quality. Withdrawal of treatment or pain relief in lethal measures is the concern for the unethicality, some see this as an alternative for long term care.
Even though illnesses can get very bad their lives are still worth living meanwhile an unbearable condition causing pain may call for this action. Those who believe this practice is unethical and immoral do not have to be forced to assist in the death, even if their job is one of the positions that would normally do so. Often the question arises should people with mental health issues be granted the same right? In this situation competence weighs heavily on this decision making process because if they are not capable of making this decision for themselves it could get turned over to someone else such as a guardian or family member. If they are competent enough to tell you they are in pain but not make a logical and well thought out decision which is the moral decision to
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