Persuasive Speech On Guns In Schools

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It has been shown by those who cherish their Second Amendment that the school walkouts are mostly due to two things; kids wanting to ditch class (who didn 't while growing up?) and the anti-gun lobby working to make it happen. It is rarely based on hardly any of the children really knowing anything about guns at all. Today, as New London kindergarteners show, this is clearly the case, as reported by NBC CT.

"We love school! We love school," chanted the Connecticut students in a video posted on Facebook. The question remains, if they loved school so much, why weren 't they in it? The "5-year-olds at Harbor Elementary School" were obviously roped into this by the anti-gunners, there is no doubt regarding that matter at this point.

The staged walkout "was about school safety,
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"I don’t think they understood what was actually happening." This is certainly true, though the same can be said about even the older children who 've engaged in such marches, as can be heard when they choose to speak on the topic.

Two teachers were spoken to about the whole affair and Tracy won 't say if punishments were doled out or not. "Suffice it to say, lessons were learned and I consider the matter closed," is all that the school official would say.

Others, however, are not so casual about the slight.

Board of Education member Jason Catala, "the chair of the board’s Policy Committee" seems utterly livid! He knows that "policies were ignored and called for the school’s principal to resign," according to NBC. At the next board meeting, Catala plans to address field trips and what protocol is for students departing the building for any reason.

Now that sounds like it has a lot more to do with safety than the marching was.

Tracy whined that it was "inappropriate for a member of the board to evaluate the performance of a school employee and hopes for an apology," but Catala refused to discuss the matter further at this
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