Persuasive Essay On The Steps To Gaining Weight

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How To Lose Weight
Slim and fat free body is everybody’s dream. We do a lot of struggle to keep ourselves healthy. Slim body is considered as a symbol of beauty. A little carelessness from our side can increase pounds of weights. Gaining weight is easy but getting rid of it is a real challenge. Many people associate over eating with weight gain. To some extent it is true but it is not the only reason. Some other reasons behind over weight or obesity are tension, lack of exercise, diabetes and lack of sleep. Just by bringing little change in our attitude and routine we can lose a lot of extra fats. The main purpose of writing this essay is to discuss the steps which can be taken to lose weight.

First of all, you need to write down how much you have eaten and how much effort you need to control your weight. By keeping a food log you can help yourself in two ways. Firstly, you can check how much food you have consumed in one day and how much effort you are putting to control your appetite. Recent study has proved that those people who keep a food journal lose twice as much weight as those who do not. This thing also gives you insight on your eating habits (Rosin, 2011). According to Dr. Lutes, senior nutritionist at American Hospital of Food and Nutrition, “By looking at our food log we can realize that how much weight can be lost by bringing little changes in our eating habits.” You should keep record of everything you eat because this way you can monitor yourself and can

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