Persuasive Essay On The Titanic

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Fact, out of the 2229 people aboard the Titanic only 706 survived the crash.
The Titanic was the biggest ship that had ever been created at the time. Hanson W. Baldwin stated that,’’She was not only the largest ship afloat,but was believed to be unsinkable.’’ He also wrote, ‘’...which made her, men thought, unsinkable.’’ They were very confident that the Titanic could not sink because of its massive size and well designed hull. But it actually came down to the operators of the ship that would be its downfall. While some people 's ignorance brought upon pain and suffering, it also brought out the thoughtfulness and bravery of others.

The Titanic is said to have been brought down by a huge iceberg that struck the hull of the ship, yet what if it was really the people commanding the boat that ended its life? She left the harbor on her maiden voyage to New York on April 10,1912. A distance into the trip the Titanic started receiving warning about ice formations ahead in their course, yet they seemed to only ignore them with ignorance. Like in these lines from ‘’R.M.S. Titanic”, “Say, old man, we are stuck here, surrounded by ice.” The reply from the Titanic 's operator was,” Shut up, shut up; keep out. I am talking to Cape Race; you are jamming my signals.” From the quote it’s indisputable that the persons on-board the Titanic were not concerned about anything even barely causing harm to the massive and indestructible boat. But like anything in life as soon as someone says it
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