Argumentative Essay On Body Worn Cameras

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The use of body-worn cameras should be used while all local law enforcement officers are in uniform from the start of a shift until the end of a shift. In many cases, there have been lack of evidence in the cases where there has been many uncertainties from whether the officer was acting accordingly or was the citizen at fault. Moreover, the citizens have placed blame on those local law enforcement officers for the actions they have taken while the body-worn camera was not in use. Debating whether the case will have a positive or negative outlook, most often cases were not based solely off body-worn cameras.

Closed circuit Tv was introduced as a surveillance camera that would hold both parties accountable for their actions. Majority of individuals do not realize they are being recorded on a day to day basis. However, CCTV is a recorded piece of
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After several cases with shaky witnesses and cases that have become national headlines have made citizens at edge with law enforcement officers. The use of body worn cameras to be worn by local law enforcement officers during their shift would be a major turnaround in some cases. The use of body-worn cameras has become a prestige piece of equipment to help better assist the community and other local law enforcement agencies. Moreover, using the body-worn cameras during the entire shift will eliminate the complaints caused by citizens and clear up harassment charges being brought upon by citizens as well. Having local law enforcement officers wear body-worn cameras could clear up a lot of questions they have and would eliminate the daily questions that goes through citizens heads when the turn on the news to see another unarmed citizen has fell to the hands of a law enforcement officer, while his body-worn camera was not

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