Persuasive Essay On The Use Of Cell Phones

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Jose’s senior year, last season of soccer, it was the year to make it the best! On March 1, 2011 Jose was on his way to buy a tie for his first soccer game, he had to “look fly”. Late Monday night and Jose was blasting music having a good time with his friends who were as well going to purchase dress clothes for the game. The guys were making jokes and “goofing” off. Little did they know a Black Silverado was on the opposite lane, heading right into their lane. A 16-year old teenager was behind the wheel texting. He was too busy looking at his phone to see he was heading straight into the Ford Explorer. Today cell phones are used for social media, applications, texting and causes wrecks in the United States which is the second leading cause of deaths in America. In today’s society all Americans are cell phone users, even kids in elementary are cell phone users. Where did cell phones land in everyone’s hands? Cell phones are a great idea to have to a certain extent of course. Cell phones should be used for emergency’s only, applications that are necessary for our day to day life an example, active-healthy apps. Now a day’s we use phones mainly for Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, etc. We use social media more than making phone calls, or research for school. Our battery runs out within hours after being charged up, crazy right? How many times does an average person charge their phone a day? Some teenagers even carry the charger cord with them so their phone does not
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