Persuasive Essay On The Use Of Drugs In Sports

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What if someone could be bigger, faster, and stronger all through just absorbing a drug? This is the temptation accomplished athletes face each season. Today, athletes withstand much pressure just to reach the top of their game, making them feel as if they must be superb and nothing less. Athletes bodies perform at an extraordinary level, compared to those who don’t partake in substantial activity, making the comparison obsolete. By taking drugs this is a common way of cheating themselves into being better athletes than taking the hard way through work and dedication. For instance, much like students cheating on their tests or having someone else do their work, athletes who break their character and accountability by doing this are only hurting themselves. Although not all athletes do drugs, those who do have bodies that tend to perform at high levels due to the strong effects from the drug. Most athletes are hard workers, but there are a few so-called athletes who use performance enhancing drugs to improve their game which is illegal. Performance-Enhancing-Drugs (PED) takes advantage of the athletes and their bodies causing more muscles to increase in size and the bloods oxygen capacity. With the intake of drugs commonly happening more within athletes the performance-enhancing drugs are being outlawed by groups of organizations to help prevent the drug use within athletes. This makes getting PED’s difficult and much more dangerous to be around because of drug testing. Every
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