Persuasive Essay On The Use Of Marijuana

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To some people, it’s a relaxing herb, something to temporarily pull the mind off reality. Others view it as a harmful drug with numerous side effects. Marijuana, also known as Cannabis or weed, is one of the most controversial drugs worldwide. It comes from the Indian hemp plant, and the part that contains the “drug” is found primarily in the flowers. When sold, it is a mixture of dried out leaves, stems, flowers and seeds of the hemp plant; it is usually green, brown or gray in color. With a few exceptions, the use of weed is banned for many reasons including the loss interest in health, life, school activities and social life. However, this doesn’t stop people from consuming this easily obtainable drug. In fact, it is one of the most consumed drugs around the world. Hence, although it affects the natural brain functions such as: memory, coordination, learning, and the ability to problem solve; being illegal causes no difference in its use, which is why legalizing it may seem like a good idea. However, despite those who wish for it be legalized, a large amount of people agree that it should stay illegal. Thus, the importance of addressing such controversial topic is because the use of cannabis is more widespread every day and it is important to know the reason why it is the heart of one of the most heated debates. With that being said, what are the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana? With the help of sources and general knowledge, we will discuss
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