Essay On Impact Of Social Media On Students

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With the internet being invented and undoubtedly taking huge precedence in our lives, there is inevitably going to be a way for people to waste their time on the internet. That time waster, also known as social media, is one of the most beneficial and also one of the worst things that has entered the lives of people as a result of the internet. People everywhere use social media. They use it to feel connected to people who are far away, to promote their businesses, and for a plethora of other reasons. Social media has begun to be increasing used in school, the workplace, and also just in peoples own homes. This increase of use has many benefits, but it also has many downsides. People are pretty much always connected to social media. If a person walks into public nowadays, they are immediately bombarded with the noise of countless notifications from social media…show more content…
One place where social media is being increasingly used is in the school. Students, instead of focusing on completing their work, begin to ignore the teachers and instead spend all of their learning time on social media. I personally think that this is something that is going to eventually harm people. With social media being so prominent in school, students are becoming more and more distracted from their schoolwork, and therefore are having a more difficult time passing classes to graduate. The use of social media in school, in my opinion, should be limited. There should be limits on students and teachers alike as to how much social media is present in the classroom. This will make sure that students are receiving the maximum possible education, and as a result will be better prepared for the outside world. In addition to schools, social media is becoming more present in the workplace. Social media in the workplace has a similar effects on the adults as does the presence of social media in school. It distracts employees from doing their jobs, and makes the workplace not run as smooth as it
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