Technology Does More Harm Than Good Essay

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Technology is developing faster than many could have imagined, and many of these new devices help make the lives of students more manageable. Using laptops to take notes, conduct research, and write papers only scratches the surface of the new forms of technology available that people can use to assist with their studies. Online classes in particular have helped students with their studies. Those who are not able to attend a traditional school because of work or kids would be able to attend an online school and work at their own pace. This allows more people to get a higher level of education and get a diploma. Although there are many benefits to using technology in a school setting, some believe it can do more harm than good. Essentially, people are concerned about the constant use of technology and how this use could negatively affect the brain. Because developing…show more content…
In the 1800’s, schools began using books to help students in their education through visual learning (“The History of Technology in Education”, 2011). Educational books are often filled with pictures, diagrams, and graphs. These visuals often help students grasp a better understanding of the concepts being taught, which helps provide a better education. Books also made it easier to conduct research and obtain more information on a subject. A student could look through the books available at a library, find a book on their specific topic, and study the research provided. Books have become more common in today’s educational system. In a college, the majority of classes have a required book. Books were not always convenient in research. A student would have to go to the library to find a book, and that is not always convenient. It would also take time for students to find a book on the specific topic they need. At this time, there was no computer to automatically find a variety of books on a certain
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