Persuasive Essay On The Use Of Technology

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In today 's age of technology, more and more activities revolve around the use of technology and data. Things like going shopping, work, and even education takes advantage of present day technology, but there are some consequences with the use of technology. If you ask a kid what pops into mind with the word technology, some of the most common things that they would sat are tablets, computers, games, phone, and T.V. This shows how children and teens lives revolve around the use of technology to entertain and distract themselves. If parents don’t take action the stop and put time limits on their child 's use of technology, the overuse can do many bad things to the children. Overuse of technology can cause lack of sleep, distractions everywhere, and even depression and suicidal thoughts. Most people, before they sleep, do something on their electronic device, like check their email or play a few rounds of a game. But after the technology boom, scientists are starting to find out that the screen effects how you sleep. A study published in Behavioral Sleep Medicine showed that computers and phones were linked to insomnia, but other devices did not. This happens because the blue light stops the production of melatonin, the thing that controls a wake/sleep cycle, making it harder to sleep. If children lack sleep, it could make them more sluggish for the next few days.This could affect the child 's attention in class, causing them to learn less and their grades dropping. This
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