Persuasive Essay On The Waste Of Life

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Raindrops hit the windshield as I drive through the empty back roads in the middle of the night. I was just fired from my dead end job and i’m pretty sure i 've been evicted from my apartment, that tends to happen when you don’t pay the rent for a few months. I take my eyes off the road and stare at the phone on my lap waiting for it to light up, waiting for a distraction to take my mind of what i was going to attempt. “You know what,” I say to no one in particular, eyes focusing back on the road “It 's funny how life works. You could start at the very top, with an almost guaranteed chance to go higher, only to end up at rock bottom.” I start to tear up, reminiscing on how I took every chance that was ever handed to me and ruined it. “You could start with a loving partner, a trust fund the size of a small country, and future so secure it makes guantanamo look like a fucking playpen.” I try to laugh but the tears keep flowing. “Then your fiance decides to leave you because she doesn’t like what your turning into.”, the tears are flowing like waterfalls as I tighten my grip on the wheel. “Then your dad realizes how much a waste of space you are and decides to cut you off, saying he doesn’t want to be responsible for the death of you”. Finally, you go ahead ruin your chance at a comfortable future because you 're too wasted to go to school and get kicked out like the dumbass you are!” I raise my voice as the road gets blurrier and harder to see, whether its the rain or tears I
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