Pros And Cons Of Zoo Animals

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The ferocious yell of a tiger. The powerful cry of an elephant. The mighty roar of the gorilla. All attractions that lead to people visiting their local zoos in hopes of seeing these magnificent creatures in action. However, there’s nothing fascinating about these creatures behind bars. The cruel imprisonment of animals for human entertainment has led to a plethora of problems that not only violate the rights of the animal but the morale of humanity. Regardless of how well cared for and loved the animals in captivity are, captures zoo animals suffer numerous psychological problems. Imagine if as you are, enjoying your life and living freely, were suddenly captured and imprisoned. No amount of love, care, and food could stop the want and longing…show more content…
As even though there’s many cases of animals being harmed and mistreated by zoo personal, there’s just as many cases of the animals being treated with love. [research about all the good zoos do for animals]. Illnesses that befall the animals, that would otherwise kill them if they were in the wild, can get treated almost immediately with veterinarians and nurses that work for zoos. Feeding the animals is also a prime concern for zoos so starvation isn’t as common in zoos as it is in the wild. Zoo animals also are safe from natural predators and hunting that occurs in the wild. With all the animals receiving food pertaining to their diets, it gives a bigger chance to the young of the animals. Captive animals are also safe from humans who poach or hunt them. Elephants in zoos, for examples, no longer have to worry about ivory hunters. While doing away of zoos completely may be too much of a steep step, a compromise may be able to satisfy both sides. An amendment of zoos may occur where zoos could only be for animals from hazardous environments. Instead of taking animals from their stable and adequate habitats, removing animals that’s home has being destroyed or deemed unlivable for the animal gives it a new place to live. This won’t fix the problems with zoos, but it will at the very least only affect animals with no place to go rather than all animals for the sole purpose of human
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