Persuasive Essay On Thomas Jefferson

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Presidential Persuasive Paper What are some desirable traits for a leader? Political expertise? Knowledge of the arts? Master of law? Talented? One man who possessed all of these traits is known as Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States of America. Another president, John Adams, wasn’t quite as effective as Mr/ Jefferson. Try grouchy, insensitive, and angry. Thomas Jefferson understood the needs of the people and upheld the ideas of the U.S. Constitution better than John Adams, especially in the areas of domestic, economic, and Native American affairs. Thomas Jefferson did some amazing things in the span of his presidency. From doubling the size of the United States, to being one of the leading architects in designing our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. . It is these things…show more content…
Mr. Adams also needlessly increased the size of the army and navy, wasting money that could have been used for something useful, such as making exports. And of course, Jefferson’s “Louisiana Purchase” is one of the greatest Native American services in all of history. Jefferson supplied the Natives with money, supplies, education, and medicine during the famed expedition of Lewis and Clark. He also instructed them to be kind and courteous to all of the natives that they came across, and to assure them that their intentions were innocent. Adams, on the other hand, did absolutely nothing significant for the Native Americans. In order to be an effective president, you must affect all people in a positive manner, and make their lives better. This including, of course, the Native Americans. Although Thomas Jefferson and John Adams are two of the most distinguished men in history, Thomas Jefferson overshadows Adams in the departments of Native American, economic, and domestic affairs, which are arguably the most vital places to succeed in as President of the United States of
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