Persuasive Essay On Time Management

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8. Hydration Station Your body needs water as much as it needs food and when you feel thirsty it means you aren’t drinking enough. Your body is forced to work harder than necessary when you’re dehydrated, thus causing fatigue. It can also leave you struggling to concentrate and cause nausea. So, always have water handy and don’t wait until you’re desperate for a drink to do so. Don’t substitute other beverages for water, you should be aiming for at least eight glasses a day (more if you live in a hot area or you are particularly active). 9. Time Management You have convinced yourself that you thrive under pressure and that you love being busy, but there’s a good chance that your fatigue is due to you overdoing things. Learn how to manage your time effectively, how to say no, and to put limits on what you should be aiming to accomplish in a day. You will be less stressed when you learn how to handle your time and energy levels effectively. 10. Herbal Remedies Speak to your doctor before you start taking anything, particularly if you take prescription medications, but there are plenty of herbal remedies that may help you get more sleep and boost your energy. Melatonin can help you get to sleep while Ginseng can provide a much-needed boost to your energy levels ( 11. Enjoy Vegetable Juice While you should be looking to cut sugary fruit drinks and sodas out of your diet you will want to increase your vegetable juice

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