Persuasive Essay On Track And Field

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In today’s Modern American Society Track and Field records have changed so much over time being that they have gotten a lot better and people are taking their competitiveness to the next level by stepping up and setting a goal for themselves and each time they reach that goal they make a bigger and better goal and it just continues from there. Becoming an athlete takes time and dedication in what kind of athlete you would like to be. Every sport takes training and the love of the sport. No one is going to want to be in a sport that they don't like and training for a sport that you don't like is pointless because not having the love for the sport is a way of knowing that you are not going to push yourself to your full potential in the sport…show more content…
Feeling the nervousness and happiness is absolutely great. There are so many other sports that can give off that same kind of feeling but Track and Field gives off so much more. Being determined to do great things and setting your goals high so you can go of the gold feels great. Running takes you to a different place, it can take you to your own little world where you can think of anything you want. Doing whatever it takes to make your dream come true is crazy at times but it will pay off in the end because you can soon set a new goal making you want to go higher an deb greater at what you do. Running is the absolute best way of thinking about life and it gets a person to become calm and no one could possibly take that away from someone. Aim so high and train so hard that you know that when you shoot that bow and arrow that you will be so great that you crush your goal. Don't ever be afraid to set your goals high and follow them. Most athletes have a special workout or routine that they do before and after they compete. Not every athlete does the same workout or routine because each event that an athlete is entered in has a different way of warming up and cooling down. The workouts or routines that a coach would assign to an athlete depends on what event the athlete is entered in, if the athlete was to do the 100 meter dash and the 200 meter dash they would have workouts that are short and
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