Persuasive Essay On Tracking In Schools

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In New York City the percentage of colored special education students is 67%. There wouldn’t be this problem if there wasn’t tracking in the first place. A few reasons there shouldn’t be tracking is that lower tracked students might not learn a lot. Also because some students could get misplaced class wise. Finally because in the separation of students that there is, it tends to show racism. As a result of these reasons I am against school tracking. Tracking shouldn’t be used in school because lower tracked students might not learn a lot. There has been studies that show us that the lower tracked students being put to do janitorial services such as cleaning lunchroom tables, sweeping, cleaning bathrooms and etc. Due to schools having lower…show more content…
A Harvard study shows that colored students are 3.2 times greater to be labeled retarded as whites. The study also shows that far more black students are put into special education and lower tracked classes. It seems that when they do statistics involving special education that the majority of them are colored students and not the other way around with it being white students. I always grew up hearing that people from my ethnicity tend not to make it far in schooling or are treated less(lower tracked) because of their parents telling them that and they tell their children that because they were told that growing up as well. Therefore if the minorities were to be given a better chance and not put directly into special education with assumptions because of their ethnicity. This argument has been my third and final one. Conclusively I am strongly against school tracking because of its many effects on the children. Some of those effects that it brings upon the children is that the lower tracked students may not learn a lot. Also because some students could get educationally misplaced. And finally because the separations between the high and low tracked students tends to show racism. In the end I am all against school
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