Persuasive Essay On Traditional Marriage

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Traditional marriage has always been something where most people would do. Marriage is what a person would do when they find the person they want to spend the rest of their life with. There are many types of traditional marriages based on the type of a person’s religion and culture. But overall, all those types of traditional marriages still hands over the father’s daughter to the son-in law. Although there are people who choose not to do marriage. In the essay “I do. Not.: why I won’t marry” by Catherine Newman, she chooses not to marry for many reasons. Marriage isn’t a rightful choice because of handing a woman to another person, the nonbelief in monogamy, and the loss of freedom. Because a father handing his daughter to another guy is not such a pleasant thing. According to Catherine Newman, “marriage is about handing the woman off, like a baton, from her father to her husband.” It’s also known as “traffic in women” (Newman pg.61). Of course, no woman wants to be treated that way. Based on many other cultures like for example, the Hmong people, there is a dowry that men would have to pay to women’s parents in order to take the woman. Men would have to pay five thousand dollars plus kill a few cows or pigs to give to the Lee 2 other family. This is a way of showing how important daughters are to the family. But even with doing all those stuff to make the daughter feel special, it still goes back to same place. The daughter would still be getting trafficked. Women are

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