Is Online Shopping Better Than Traditional Shopping?

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Many things have changed since the internet came to human’s life. One of them is shopping. Shopping is a hobby or an activity that people have to do in a mall, a market or a store. People spend time on a window shopping or walking from a shop to another one to find what they need with a cheaper price. Now, there is another way of shopping, so shopping is not the same anymore. It is called online shopping which is a shopping via the internet. Although there are some people still enjoy traditional shopping, these are why people should try online shopping.
First, it makes shopping simple. Shoppers can do shopping whenever they want. They maybe find suitable garden tools for a new garden style in the backyard while taking care of children at home, find a lovely teddy bear while having a great meal in a restaurant with family, or get concert tickets on a rainy day that they cannot go outside. In her report on Stuff, the New Zealand 's news website states that “I can do my supermarketing from my own table with a glass of wine in my hand” (Carter, 2016). Next, shoppers do not have to flock to a department store on a big sale day. They will not lose their temper from fighting over the product which is the last piece with other shoppers, or being pushed by other shoppers who want to get the product first. In 2015,
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There was a lot of disadvantages news about online shopping at first. It makes people afraid of it and most of them did not accept it. But when the time passed, online shopping is improved to be more reliable and better. People start to change their mind and can make sure which store is trustable or not by themselves. Furthermore, online shopping does not replace with the traditional shopping. Some consumers find out that they enjoy sitting and seeing pictures with details of products, some enjoy touching the products and some enjoy both. It does not matter what they choose. It depends on their
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