Argumentative Essay On Prepubescent Youth

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As society approaches a more liberal view the number of people coming out as transgender has increased significantly. More importantly, prepubescent youth have also come out as transgender. While the question does arise whether or not the child is too young to make the decision for themselves, the bigger picture here is regardless of age and their decision, these children need support to protect them from mental illnesses. Being that they are deemed “different” from others in society, they run the likelihood of facing psychopathology. With support from family, friends, and relevant school employees they are more than likely able to cope with or minimize the chances of depression and anxiety. Unfortunately, not many are aware of proper methods…show more content…
It is definitely a tough time for these youths trying to juggle full acceptance of one’s own identity and trying to get family, friends, and peers to understand. It is through support that these transgender youths begin to feel a sense of belonging at such a young age. Feeling accepted and belonging in turn minimizes the possible effect of mental illnesses. Unfortunately for these transgender youths, schools, where they spend most their time, are not well fit to accommodate the support they need. School health professionals have shown that their training and confidence in interacting with the LGBTQ community in general is not at the best degree that it should be. Nonetheless, transgender youths have shown that with support they can reach a similar, sometimes even lower, degree of anxiety and depression as their cisgendered siblings and peers. It is essential that transgender children receive the proper support to help them grow as an individual, and allow them to grow as a person. The responsibility does not solely rely on the family, but also on the people in which these children interact with ranging from teachers to friends. There needs to be more research done and brought to the public eye in the hopes that society will stop alienating the transgender community and understand the effects they experience as a
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