Informative Essay On Natural Disasters

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Did you know that around 218 million people die each year from natural disasters? Some people don’t even know that some of the common natural disasters can possibly happen in their very own back yard. These disasters are way more powerful than they may seem; they can tear down houses, wipe out forests, and split the earth's crust in half. I bet you wish there was a way to stop the terrible disasters from killing all of these innocent people but, sadly, you can't. Scientist can predict when some of these disasters will happen, so you can prepare yourself and your home properly for impending disaster. Although, there are those cataclysms that we cannot predict, and they will arrive without warning, killing all of your loved ones. Earthquakes,…show more content…
The only difference is that we can predict when they will arrive. It's shocking to think that there were four large hurricanes in just the year of 2017. All four together killed around 103 people, making 2017's hurricanes the 17th worst in the world. The world's worst hurricane occurred in 1900 in Texas. It was called Galveston Hurricane, it killed 8,000 people. The word hurricane is only used if the storm is formed over the Atlantic Ocean or eastern Pacific Ocean, but in other areas it is considered either a tropical cyclone or a typhoon. These storms are formed when warm ocean water evaporates and mixes with cool unstable winds. The two mix together rapidly and speed increases, when the speed is up to 39mph it becomes a tropical storm. When the storm wind reaches around 74mph it then becomes a hurricane. Hurricanes speeds can increase to more than 170mph. If winds are that fast, don’t expect to find your home after it…show more content…
A common disaster in Los Angelis is wildfires. Usually they occur during a drought, which is a prolonged period where there is no precipitation. If there is no rain to keep the forests moist, then they are more prone to fires. Even a small spark from a train track can ignite a forest in minutes. Sometimes, even a small house fire can lead to a wildfire. Whether the flames burst through a window or a spark makes contact with a leaf, these fires can happen in the blink of an eye and wipe out all of the vegetation in its
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