Personal Narrative: My Life As A Furaternal Twin

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When my mother was a wee child, she was adopted. So we don’t really know where this set of twins came from aka Christian and myself. Mom thought at first she grabbed the wrong kids at the hospital, and she might have. Right now I am looking for some answers maybe to tell me whether or not I will be cursed with a set of twins.
Now as a fraternal twin I have to ponder whether or not I need to look into adoption centers so I don’t have 2 little devils running around at the same time. My mom doesn’t understand why I wouldn’t want twins but she just doesn’t understand what it’s like growing up with someone your own age and having to share a birthday cake with them, that’s just nonsense. So I used the power of the internet so I could determine what my future would hold, and it revealed that I had a 1 out of 17 chance of this monstrosity thing called twins.
I have always wondered whether or not I would have twins since I so happen to be one. So I took it upon myself to see whether or not it was genetic and every darn website I have visited it said it runs in the family, so I needed to investigate. I had a heart to heart conversation with my mom and was
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As a concerned person I just can’t believe it. Christian most likely kicked me in the head a lot and that’s probably why I am not good at math and that would explain my Geometry grade last year, not because I didn’t study Mrs. Hurst. However since we are fraternal twins and we come from two different eggs I am defiantly going to hold this against him since he had his own space and I had mine. If you think about it, we were womb mates. Luckily we weren’t identical because then we would have been in the same egg and whew that would have been the worse 8- 9 months of my life. Having fraternal twins meant the my mom released two eggs in a cycle and I think she did this on purpose to ruin my birthday, and Saint Patrick’s
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