Persuasive Essay On Ufos And Aliens

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Do you believe In Unidentified flying objects? Unidentified flying objects or UFOs are suspected to house aliens. I believe that UFOs and aliens are real and should be investigated by scientists. Aliens are the beings that are the ones who fly these UFOs. There are many people that believe in UFO and Aliens because of events that have happened. These events are the Roswell incident, crop circles, the secret surrounding area 51, Stonehenge and the great pyramids. Area 51 is one of the most secret places concerning aliens and UFOs. Area 51 is located in the Nevada Desert. It is supposed to be a military base, but many people believe it has more to deal with aliens and UFOs because of it being so secretive. "The patch of fenced off land, measuring six by ten miles, is tucked between a US Air Force base and an abandoned nuclear testing ground" (Patrick Knox, 2017). Area 51 wasn’t even known about until 2013 when the CIA released the location and what its used for. The CIA said it was an army base for testing spy planes. Obama was the first president to speak publicly about area 51. The bases main purpose was to test stealthy technology. At one point in time area 51 was called Groom lake. Crop circles are a whole different subject towards aliens and area 51. Crop circles are crops cut in a specific pattern that is believed to some connection to UFO and aliens. Crop circles happen all over the world. Some people believe that crop circles are used to talk to UFOs in the
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