Persuasive Essay On Underage Drinking

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Since alcohol is the most used drug among adolescents, underage drinking is a problem that is becoming more common in the upcoming generation. As a result of underage drinking, many adolescents find themselves becoming addicted, or abusing alcohol and drugs. Underage drinking, drug abuse, and addiction are serious problems that can be avoided if people take the proper procedures to educate adolescents about the dangers and effects that may occur because of it. Adolescents should be education about the physical health problems that may transpire as a result of alcohol. They should have basic knowledge of what alcohol is, and what its effects are. Alcohol is a drug that causes a person’s physical and emotional stability to change, and is in no way safe to consume. It could have short-term, and long-term effects. The effects depend on many factors such as the amount of alcohol consumed, genetic factors, and how much food is in the person’s stomach. Some examples of the physical short-term effects that could occur are irritation, loss of body heat, liver damage, and dehydration. Alcohol could also cause permanent damage to the body. It could lead to brain damage, liver damage, hepatitis, and many types of cancer. Knowing that information could deter adolescents to stop drinking alcohol completely, or at least allow them to learn to drink moderately and safely. Alcoholism could come in the way of family and society. It could come between relationships and end them
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