Persuasive Essay On Underage Tattoos

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Underage Tattooing Underage tattooing is an increasing problem all over the world. As well as it being a luxury for teenagers, it is also a shared commonality that includes almost 75% of the world population, or simply just friends and family. Yet, as adults who have been through the - no longer - popular trend of tattoos in the early nineties, teenagers are bringing back the huge craze along with its dangers and consequences. We need to know that fashions from the past could possibly be in the past because of horrible outcomes in the end. Illegally, teenagers between the ages of 13-16 are returning home from a holiday or shopping spree with an unnecessary tattoo, simply because less experienced shops or holiday resorts don’t request proof…show more content…
For example the age limit to join the army or to get married is 16 but to drink alcohol and get a tattoo it’s 18. They state that it is inequality and unnecessary to divide those into groups of ages and that everyone should be combined as one. Yet again, their argument is fair and quite true but they don’t acknowledge the fact that the government has placed these rules and age limits to prevent frantic behaviour. If no limits existed we’d have a whole different world: Children from the age of 10 could be driving, possibly causing harm to themselves and others. A daily basis of only adults smoking could change and evolve into the whole population, from all ages, getting into that unhealthy habit. It’s undeniable that some things placed by the government are actually helpful, especially the age limits. They often state that being able to express themselves in any way possible should be considered. This could cause an uproar within the world population. If teens are getting what they want, then so should everyone, by all means lets legalise drugs and weapons and we’ll see what a great time everyone is having when families, schools and governments are effected as well as countries. These rights set a balanced structure in all
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